Things to be done once


For getting the most out of Anki please download the PC version for your operating system here and install it.
If you want to synch your learning progress over the internet also get yourself a free account on ankiweb.
As a quick start we provide a template "deck" with all the required settings called Empty 4 by 4
By importing this template into Anki you get a) the andika font installed (doesn't show on OS X though) and b) a "note" design with 4 fields on front and 4 on the back of a card.
After this setup you can start importing vocabulary data as described in the section on this topic.

Flashcards Deluxe

Flashcard using default fontFlashcard using andika fontYou can use Dropbox or Google Drive as a cloud storage to quickly up and download new vocabulary and keep a copy of your learning progress on the internet.

  • Open Flashcards Deluxe and touch the + sign on top of the screen.
  • Choose Dropbox or Google Drive and supply your respective user credentials.
  • Flashcards Deluxe creates a folder in either cloud storage that will contain the vocabulary data and your progress statistics.
  • Note that the author recommends dropbox for adding audio, pictures etc. to your cards even if you use Google Spreadsheet for data storage

For iOS there fortunately is no need to do any further Setup. All characters are present in the fonts preinstalled on every iOS device.
With the fonts installed on Android out of the box you are not be able to see all the letters used in the VICAV or DMG transcription. If you can your device's manufacturer did an extraordinary good job but most including e.g. Samsung do not provide a font that contains all the letters needed for DMG and VICAV transcription.

Android Font Setup

Flashcards deluxe however can use a user provided font that satisfies all our needs.

  • The font we recommend is the Andika font provided by SIL. Please unzip one of the Andika*.zip files on your computer.
  • You have to put the Andika-R.ttf font you downloaded into the folder the following folder on your Phone (not the Memory Card if you use one):
    Font on Phone in Windows Explorer
  • if you just try the demo the folder is
  • If Flashcards Deluxe is running you have to restart it.